Trustees & Staff

Many Presidents of the association offered their leadership for many years, as did other officers. Edward Thomas served as Treasurer for 31 years, Robert Carl, Treasurer, served for 23 years and Barbara Wieder, Treasurer, served for 27 years. In 2005 Dawn Golden was appointed Treasurer and continues to serve as Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.

Alvin Wieder, hired in May 1972, is the current Caretaker of the cemetery property. He has steadfastly and diligently served the cemetery association for over 40 years.  Alvin works with long-time Groundskeepers Fred and Kevin Kullman.

Through the years many families volunteered their time to serve on the association’s Board of Trustees. The Stem family is one such family. David Stem joined the association in 1892 and served until his death in 1909. David was succeeded by his son, J.C. Stem, who served for 33 years, followed by his son, H.D. Stem, who served for 23 years, and followed by his son, John E. (Jack) Stem, who served for 33 years. Jack’s daughter-in-law Regina Stem joined that association in 1999 and continues at this time.
We would like to acknowledge other members of the community who have faithfully served on the Board of Trustees:

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