Our History

Records show that the Christian Church (now known as United Church of Christ) had its own burial ground on the church GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAproperty and the Presbyterian Church had burial grounds along Milford-Mt. Pleasant Road. The town’s citizens felt there was a need for a non-denominational cemetery and worked together to form the Milford Union Cemetery which was incorporated on May 29, 1858 thereby creating a cemetery to serve the needs of the community. The earliest grave stone in the now Milford Union Cemetery dates back to 1822 which even preceded the beginning of the Milford Presbyterian cemetery in 1833.

The first slate officers included William Lee as President, Wilson Thomas- Vice President, George VanSyckle- Treasurer and Aaron Stover- Secretary. The first Trustees were Henry Johnson, Hiram A. Williams, Nelson Runkle, George Carpenter, Joseph Everitt, Hamilton Forman and Thomas P. Forman. The Board of Trustees purchased 23 acres of land, laid out plots and hired a superintendent for grave openings. In 1899 Rules, Regulations and By-laws were adopted to govern the organization and its activities.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIn 1905 a section of the cemetery was set aside for burials of US Servicemen. In 1914 the grounds were increased by the purchase of 5 additional acres. In 1916 the cemetery was enhanced by the addition of a receiving vault donated by W. Egbert Tomas memorializing his father, Wilson Thomas. In 1922 the association constructed an office and tool shed. In 1928 it became apparent that all burials were to be in concrete burial vaults. In 1938 the most impressive addition was made with the installation of a stone archway at the cemetery entrance.

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